Will Blog For Food

I love food. That’s about it. No fancy story here, no life changing experience. I LOVE FOOD.IMG_6464

It doesn’t hurt that I was born and raised in New Orleans with a few summers sprinkled here and there in Houston, Texas. Both considered mega hubs for the greatest eats in the free world but I honestly love food.

Any diet that I have ever attempted that restricted food, I failed. Not b/c I couldn’t complete it but b/c my body was pissed off about it.

Yes, I know healthy food is best but that is not where I am going here.. mmK

My body loves food. But not just any food, great food.

Quality Food.

Great Food Always Wins.

Great food makes everything better. Great food changes lives. Great food is cheaper than therapy.

Don’t debate me on this.

All major “family focused” holidays are centered around.

Food brings families together, creates new relationships, ends disagreements.

Yea I said it, if your disagreement didn’t halt at dinner then the food probably wasn’t that good

(sticks tongue out)

Food is the key to life.

Metaphorically and Scientifically.

And I love it. I love food. I work out just so I can eat more FOOD.

And to get abs. I really want abs.. One Day

My friends come to me  not for dating or life advice most of the time but Food advice.

My mint.com app is always fussing at me for going over budget for what, FOOD.

Food is my #100HappyDays, Food is MY LIFE.

So if I am going to blog about anything why not blog about what I know. FOOD

Ok girl, we get it. But what makes your blog different than any other Food Blog?

It is dedicated to anyone that compares their Mother’s Cooking to that of a fast food commercial

(Yes that was shade to Taco Bell).

You need me and you need to read this.


My taste buds may be different. I cannot tell you how many times I have endured long lines at the most popular restaurants just to endure mediocre at its finest (for a not soo friendly price).

  • What are the best places to eat in the area?
  • What should I order?

This is a big deal for me.

Let me tell you why I liked something, then you can determine if your palate has the same requirements.

 I don’t want to just see pictures and someone say “It’s great”.

What made it great to you?!

  • Where should I take a date that allergic to shellfish?
  • Where are the black owned restaurants in the area?
  • What should I know about this place before I patronize?
  • Did I order the right thing?
  • Should I have added a different side to complement this?

And not all great eating as to be done at a restaurant. It can be home cooked or even store brought

  • How did you like Blue Apron? What were the pros and cons?
  • Did you really like the Patti Pie?
  • Who sells the best ice cream?

Anyone who know me should already know the answer to the ice cream question.

SO yea I love food and I know FOOD. But I am a “Why” person. That is where my engineering side kicks in.

Yep, I am an Engineer by trade. Masters Degree. PMP.HBCU Grad. PWI Grad. Sorority Girl. Etc. Etc

Don’t just tell me something is good. Tell me WHY it was good to you. I may or may not feel the same but information is information. Give me enough information so I can make the best decision about my next meal choice.

Yes I am serious. Food is a big DEAL.

I know what I like and what I don’t like. I know what my palate enjoys and what it doesn’t.

I know how I like things.

And I am the customer.

An Influecner

My opinion matters.

This is a real journey with food. These are my real honest opinions. These are my real thoughts on various dishes and cuisines from top restaurants and chefs.  If course there is Yelp but have you ever noticed that people are more inclined to comment on bad service rather than good service.

Horrible Food vs. Amazing Food.

Geesh I want to know where to GO more than I want to know where NOT to go.

What to eat not what not to eat.

What I am not: A Master Chef, A Paid Spokesperson, Anthony Bourdain

I will not eating chocolate covered crickets or unicorn poop

What I am: An Optimistic Influencer Who Loves Food and can Articulate WHY I LIKE/DISLIKE SOMETHING.

I just want to talk about food. I love FOOD

If I say that one more time!


So here I am Food Blogging for the 2016… One bite at a time.

See what I did there with that corny line…LOL


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