King Cake? In January?

Hey ya’ll!!! For those that may have been confused with the amount of King Cake pictures that flooded social media timelines yesterday, there was a reason.

As a New Orleanian, it is kind of a big deal.

While King Cakes are usually the food staple of the Mardi Gras/Carnival season, they do a few cameos throughout the year.   January 6th being the commemoration.


January 6th was THREE KINGS DAY, also known as Epiphany Day, also affectionately known as Kings Day.

This holiday marks the adoration of Baby Jesus by the 3 Wise Men (also known as the 3 Kings). You know, the Kings that gave  baby Jesus gold, the essential oil frankincense and the resin myrrh.

The “king cake” nomenclature symbolizes the 3 Biblical Kings.

And what do you eat on Kings Day, well King Cake….


What’s a King Cake?

For some odd reason that you have never had a chance to witness the gift from the taste bud angels that sprinkle purple, green and gold fairy dust on a soft pillow of baked cinnamon dough, I feel for you.

In a nutshell, a king cake is cinnamon filled French Bread dough topped with colored sugar and braided in the shape of a hollow circle. Over the years, this recipe has evolved to include fillings such as apple or cream cheese and glazed toppings.

Image result for randazzo king cake

The purple, green and gold sugar is Non-Negotiable.

Don’t debate me on this…

The purple symbolizes justice, the green symbolizes faith, and the gold symbolizes power. It is also believed that they represent the three symbolic gifts given to baby Jesus by the 3 Kings.

I don’t trust any King Cake that doesn’t have this colors. It’s tainted.

I will save the whole plastic baby talk for my Mardi Gras post.

King Cake Blues

Even though I didn’t receive my King Cake from Haydel’s Bakery YESTERDAY,

Yes I am very salty about this!

I will be indulging in my French Treat when it does arrive. If you don’t live in Louisiana, don’t worry, a lot of famous bakeries in New Orleans will ship these cakes to you.

Just don’t wait until the last minute.

Or you may be King cake-less, like me .. At the Moment.

 What to know where you can order a King Cake from New Orleans.

Follow Me on Twitter (@FashFoodProject)! I will be giving each location a Shout Out!


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