Charcuterie … Char cut who?

One of my missions with this blog is to definitely serve as a mode of education (Fooducation) in addition to saying how great (or not great something taste). I will try my best to always keep these short since I don’t want these posts to turn into 20 page dissertations.

Have you even been out with friends or coworkers only to look at the menu and have not a 5th of a clue what anything is other than the burger section?

We have all been there, leave the snobby food pride at the door!

One term that used to get me for a loop when first started trying new things was “Charcuterie”. I was out with a coworker but way too embarrassed to ask what it was when she asked if I wanted it as an appetizer to share.

I remember thinking……

“Whatever it is, I hope it’s not raw..”

So Charcuterie (SHAR-KOO-DUH-REE or SHAR-KOOT-UH-REE) is French.  A charcutier was usually the towns “pork butcher”

Depending on the dialect, the pronunciation may vary slightly. But you get the point.

It basically is an assortment of smoked meats and dipping sauces usually placed on a flat wooden board or slate. It may or may not always be garnished with bread, fresh/dried fruits, pickles, nuts or cheese. The meats can include beef and/or pork options such as bacon, sausage, salami or prosciutto.


Note: It doesn’t always have to include PORK.

So don’t let a snippy server give you the side eye if you inquire about a non-pork option.

But most will have the signature PORK meats. They are also very easy to make at home for parties where you can add your favorite smoked meats and cheeses to your liking!

You really just want to make sure what you do include pairs well with each other.

Commonly, the cured meat and cheese selections in a Charcuterie board pair best with a Sherry or Lambrusco if you are looking for an “adult” beverage. However there is no right or wrong wine pairing for Charcuterie.

The meats and cheese will vary, your wine will too!

So Bon Appétit!

Order a Charcuterie Board the next time you see it on the menu.

You just might like it!

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