No Ice, Please………..

“I would like a water , no ice please” Yep that is me. I am “that girl”.

My friends are pretty much immune to this request now but I do sense the slight hint of confusion when I share a meal with newbies. My intention is never to ruin anyone’s meal with my little known ice history facts. But since we are not eating right now…

Listen… ICE HAS GERMS. Not just any germs.

I mean Marvin Zindler ” SLIMEEEE IN THE ICE MACHINE” germs.

Marvin Zindler

Houstonians will get that reference.

He was a LEGEND




Countless studies have been proven to show that ice contains more bacteria than Toilet Water.

70% of the time


Here are just a few reasons why:

  • ICE Machines are not mandated to be cleaned every week, not even every month. At the discretion of the restaurant, they can go months, without being properly cleaned. That’s MOLD, SLIME, etc….

Common practice is to clean ice machines 2-4 times a YEAR. A . YEAR. 

Fast Food restaurants, you are lucky if it is cleaned ONCE a year.

  • ICE is made from tap water (if you are lucky).
    • So let’s do a basic science experiment: If you put tap ice in filtered water or soda, as the ice melts, what is the result? It’s all TAP now.
    • Drinking tap water dilutes digestive enzymes that disrupt your digestive process but the added bacteria from the ice… TAINTED.

Your $8 bottle of VOSS is $8 TAP WATER! 

  • The Infamous Ice Scoops:  Ice Scoops are handled by dozens of employees throughout the day and if the establishment has the workflow of just throwing the scoop back in the ice container  after each use. E.Coli Magnet!
    • Every germ from every hand that has touched the scoop is now “Diddy Bopping” on each and every ice cube!

I am not a germa-phobe and that makes my skin crawl!

Maintenance is a key factor and the upkeep is dependent upon the establishment.Regular cleaning and upkeep are critical to productivity, food safety and quality ice. Some restaurants invest more in quality measures such as self-cleaning ice machines or regular scheduled maintenance.

I will say this, since learning these statistics 4 years ago, I remain strict on my “No ICE policy”.

And my sick days have decreased drastically…

For more information or specific questions about these studies, email me at

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15 thoughts on “No Ice, Please………..

  1. Wow. I never think about this. Now I do and it’s gross! It’s just like how in hotel rooms, they never wash those glass cups, the remote and light switch are germ magnets and sometimes they don’t even wash the sheets they just make it look pretty!! I try not to think about it when I’m in a hotel but it’s still there. Yuck


  2. OMG Marvin Zindler “sliiiiiiiime in the ice machine!” I grew up outside of Houston and haven’t heard that in years! I also ask for water without ice, but it’s because I can’t stand being cold, another effect of growing up in hot and sweaty Houston! Sometimes I’ll even ask for hot water!


  3. So I saw the Marvin Zindler reference, and I started yelling “Slime in the ice machine” in my head. Oh the days when I would watch the news just to see his segment. I wasn’t old enough to know what was going on in the news, but I knew what Slime in the ice machine meant. Oh and I so totally gave up Voss years ago and completely roll my eyes when people try to act as if it is so great.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I was reading an article about water quality and they graded different name brand waters. Voss got a D at best. It’s just tap water from another country

        Liked by 1 person

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