The Project

I love FOOD and I love Blogging. Therefore I am a FOOD Blogger.

Therefore I CoffeePicam.

Unless you know of a Harvard Program for FOOD blogging, this is my truth and I am sticking to it.

I woke up this morning and I decided to blog about FOOD.

My Instagram –> 90% FOOD


Why? Because I know FOOD and I love FOOD.

I will literally say “I love FOOD” countless amountS of time is any of my posts so get used to it.

The name  The Fashionably Full Project. Well to be honest, every name I could think of was already taken. After 2 painful hours, I let this be.

To be honest,  it is perfect. I want to eat great and still be “fashionably full” and fit. By this I simply mean still fit into my skinny jeans.

Not gain 25 lbs just b/c I am blogging about food.

I want to talk about FOOD with others that Love FOOD as Well. I like things that taste good. I love experiences that come from fine dining as well as diners, dives and drives.Food4

If I am going to spend my money on FOOD, it needs to count for something.

I need to love it.

I won’t waste my good calories on any and everything.

I need to be able to justify my over budget notifications in this area every single month.


(I am mildly joking. I do plan on keeping within my budget this year)

You would think that someone who wants to control their eating out budget would try something maybe less of a compliment to the habit they are trying to break.

But that is honestly one of the reasons I am doing this. Not ALL eating HAS to be expensive in order to be “story-worthy” and not ALL  “Girl, let me tell you what I ate!” eating has to be done outside the home.

If I learn one thing from this it would be to spend MORE time eating GREAT FOOD and LESS time eating mediocre FOOD.

There will be no McDonald’s reviews here…


Save up for a better SPLURGE meal and pass on the weekly “I just don’t have time so let me pull over and eat here” meals.

Quality over Quantity.

If I wasn’t so afraid of needles, I would get that tattooed on me.

So that is my overall objective with this endeavor.

Help Others and in return, Help Myself.


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